ICYMI: Vibe’s Beach Bar Foam Fest

In case you missed it, Vibe’s Beach Bar Foam Fest was THE place to be Saturday for soooo many reasons! Right when you step onto the scene, this EXHILARATING and ELECTRIFYING energy just hits you and you cannot… I repeat, you cannot resist it!



The first DJ was AH BOSS! Everyone would tell you that the SOCA WAS LIVE that night. The tunes that he played were spellbinding to say the least. Right when he started, everyone dove into the foam without a care in the world and started to dance.


Though, I may be a bit biased (Soca Fan Alert), all the DJs were amazing. No matter what songs were played, everyone was always dancing. There were various genres to cater to everyone. We had Hip-hop booming through the speakers, pop was parading through the air; there was also a bit of dancehall and reggae. Absolutely NO ONE had an excuse as to why he/she was not dancing or jumping around.

11537607_1089969334364698_4384155709538067445_o 11221376_1089967987698166_4257634928347949164_o

The foam kept coming and the party stayed hype the entire time!


When you felt the need to power up, with food or more rum, the bar was at your disposal. Everyone knows Vibes Beach Bar is known not only for their diverse rums, liquors, and wines but also for their food! Their burgers, wings, cheesy fries- ALL ARE DELICIOUS and are great for refueling and absorbing all that energy juice aka alcohol.

11416351_1080052342023064_4483812423749976413_o  FOAM.COL.


Even if you didn’t necessarily want to participate in the actual foam party, chilling on the beach or even at the bar was an option many took advantage of. Outside of the foam was JUST AS FUN because Vibes was JAMMED PACKED.

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If you aren’t upset that you missed out yet, maybe you would be after this next point… There were also GIVEAWAYSSSS!

11535835_10153941112167892_2236446059606611052_n 11406834_10153930848637892_2396171441617449790_n

The foam fete was a BLAST. It was a place where everyone came together and just enjoyed themselves TO THE MAX.

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So instead of rocking back and forth in the fetal position and wishing that you could have joined in on the action, redeem yourself. Next time Vibe’s Beach Bar throws another foam party, make sure you’re there!



Still wanna bask in the greatness that was Foam Fest? Check out some more pics on Vibes Beach Bar’s Facebook page.