Let’s Talk about Oxtail and Things – Nevis W.I.

As a foreigner in Nevis, you will quickly realize that you have left the commercial life behind and have entered a whole new world of relaxation and tranquility. So, fast forward and you are now off the ferry, your belly begins to turn… you are definitely hungry. Where do you go? How about trying some good ole local food?!

Local restaurants are nestled all across the island but in today’s post we are travelling to Bath Village just on the outskirts of Charlestown. We’re headed to Black Hat’s Restaurant. As you get closer to the establishment you will realize that the structure is one with character. The design is unique and gives a rustic traditional feel. Its very homely and very inviting boasting colours such as pink, blue and orange.


Black Hat's Place, Nevis W.I.

Black Hat’s Place, Nevis W.I.


We were a party of three seeking authentic Nevisian food on our lunch breaks. We were met with pleasant faces and hearty good afternoons as we approached the menu to make our orders. Black Hat came to the window asking to assist us. We ordered and got seated and waited patiently on the meal. It arrived and I immediately dug in!

The oxtail was accompanied by scalloped potatoes, steamed rice, coleslaw and the tastiest salad I have had in a while. It would seem as though Mr. Black Hat read my mind and prepared each component with extra…just the way I liked it! Imagine my excitement when I was met with slices of apples in between my lettuce and a few raisins in between the mix! I thoroughly enjoyed my lunch! Everything was cooked to perfection, and lacked nothing!

Black Hat’s Place also provides a wide variety of dishes so don’t worry about being left out if you are not an oxtail lover.

As you have landed, ask to go by Black Hat for some local cuisine.  Experience the Culture, Experience the Food!


Oxtail and Things from Black Hat’s Restaurant