Really Cool Changes!

Hello there!

We’ve made some really cool changes to the Experience St. Kitts and Nevis App, here’s a little run down of what has changed and what to expect.

So first off, you’ll notice that the interface is a little different. Everything is pretty much straight forward so there is not much to figure out. We’ve also added new tabs like hotels, real estate, what to do etc. So you’ll have little to worry about when seeking accommodation as a tourist or for a stay-cation if you are a local. Also, you’ll definitely not have to worry about figuring out what to do. If you are lost (we do hope this never happens to you) or simply can’t really find your way….have no fear, you’ll be directed right to your destination! Isn’t that so cool?! It connects directly to google maps and VOILA!!!!….you’re there!

This app has so much to offer…from time to time our partners will be offering deals and you’ll get a heads up on upcoming events and happenings. That is definitely not something you would like to miss out on! But don’t let me just tell you, see for yourself. 🙂

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