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Nevis’ Major Inhabitant – The Vervet Monkey

36 square miles of friendliness and densely populated with more monkeys than people. We are one of the very few Caribbean islands with a large population of African Green Vervet Monkeys. Green Vervet monkeys were first brought here as pets in the 17th or 18th centuries. Some escaped or were set free, and they managed to establish themselves very well in the wild. Some would agree or disagree that they have become quite a nuisance to residents of this little island paradise.

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Frequently one may glimpse monkeys almost anywhere on Nevis. A great example is on the Four Seasons Golf Course; you are often joined by green vervet monkeys and they seldom recommend the right club for you shot. Although the monkeys generally prefer to stay away from people, they seek high interest in gardens, farms, and fruit trees of every kind. Actually the monkeys are a major problem for anyone on the island (farmer or householder) who is trying to grow fruit or vegetables.

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For those who may enjoy the sighting of monkeys the most reliable area on Nevis for visitors to see monkeys is in the grounds of Golden Rock Hotel, especially in or near the mango and citrus trees, either early in the morning or late in the afternoon. Hopefully one may be lucky enough to come across a troop in a quiet place. You will be amazed to see their highly organized social structure, and if you are close enough, you will hear a wide range of quiet vocalizations as they communicate with one another. They can also be spotted at the beach or in ghauts enjoying either the secrecy or the fresh water.

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It’s rumoured that residents who view the monkeys as nuisance often end up making a meal out of them! Monkey stew? We haven’t tried it as yet but some residents swear it is a delicacy. On your next visit to Nevis will you try it?

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Monkey See, Monkey Do. Monkey Get in Trouble Too! Monkey See, Monkey Do. Monkey get cook up in a stew!





ICYMI: The St.Kitts-Nevis Patriots are in the House!!

In case you missed it, the St. Kitts-Nevis cricket team is here!

The St. Kitts- Nevis Patriots! WHOO! *Releases confetti. Crowd goes ballistic*



As we all know, our beloved Jacques Taylor representing St. Kitts (Left) and Tonito Willett representing Nevis (Right) are no strangers to us…









Now, we finally have the chance to welcome our international players!!


Evin_Lewis2.jpg1 James_Guptil1,  shane d just

Evin Lewis                 Martin Guptil          Shane Dowrich       Justin Athanaze

(Trinidad &Tobago)     (New Zealand)       (Barbados)             (Antigua)

devon thomas  raymond reifer    Orlando_Peters  Sohail_Tanvir

Devon Thomas              Raymon Reifer           Orlando Peters            Sohail Tanvir

(Antigua)                         (Barbados)                 (Antigua)                      (Pakistan)


Sheldon-Cottrell   carlos brathwaite

Sheldon Cotterrell           Carlos Brathwaite

(Jamaica)                            (Barbados)


Even though all our players are mega icons, there’s been a big buzz around these gents:

Marlon Samuels


This name rings a bell doesn’t it? Well, of course it does! Samuels is well known, especially in the West Indies, and he has a right to be. He’s been on his grind since 2000 (this will make 15 years) and continues to make notable comebacks in regards to the sport. There’s undoubtedly a lot of determination and skill in this Jamaican athlete… so much that he is now THE CAPTIAN of the SKN Patriots! Way to go, Samuels!!


Tabraiz Shamsi


This sweet South African may only be 25, but he packs a big punch…or a big bowl I should say. This right-hander is well known for his impressive slow left-arm chinaman bowling. It’s also worth mentioning that Shamsi has played first class cricket on a number of teams including the Dolphins, Gauteng Under-19s, the Lions and the Titans, all of which are in South Africa. Wowzers! I’d say that’s a pretty exceptional resume for such a young lad!


Shahid Afridi


Most know him as Afridi. Some may know him as the infamous ‘BOOM BOOM’ while there are those that may know him as LALA. Honestly, it doesn’t even matter what people refer to him as because this man needs no introduction in the world of cricket. Why?? Well, for one, he’s often referred as of one the greatest cricketers of all time! This Pakistani has numerous World Records, a few being: youngest player to score a century in ODI, longest six in history in ODI, most wickets in a single World Cup as captain in ODIs, most wickets in T20… *desperate gasp for air* This list really goes on and on and I would be here all day trying to list his accomplishments. Let’s just say, we know why his name is in everyone’s mouth.


It’s evident that experiencing CPL T20 in Warner Park Stadium is a must. With a team like this, the St. Kitts-Nevis Patriots are looking pretty darn good. I hope the other teams bring their fire blankets as well as a couple of fire extinguishers because team SKN is bringing the HEAT this year.


More pictures can be found on the SKNPatriots’ Instagram as well as on one of our talented local Kittitian photographer’s instagram.

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