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Culture, Fete and Fun! Culturama 41!

This is the new slogan everyone will be chanting for the forty-first staging of Nevis’ Culturama Festival. Yes. You heard me right. FORTY-ONE. This Festival has been going on for years and just like fine wine, it keeps getting better with time.


Through the British régime, our heritage and cultural traditions were slowly but surely drifting away. Serious intervention was needed. Fortunately, in 1974, the Nevis Dramatic and Cultural Society developed a master plan. This plan was to basically revive the wandering customs and traditions of our people and increase the overall awareness of them. What better way to encourage a community than by throwing a massive Fete?!




Our traditions are kept alive by the numerous outlets of expression we have during Culturama- Dance, Drama, our Folk singing (which is calypso for those of you who don’t know).


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Culturama also has pageant competitions such as the Ms. Caribbean Culture Queen Pageant and the Mr. Kool Pageant, spoken word, the Soca Monarch competition, Street parades, and so much more! It’s a list of exciting events happening in Nevis during Culturama! Literally. The list of events are actually available on the Culturama Nevis website (which you can access through this hyperlink I provided. You’re very welcome).


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Culturama has pre-activities that start in June and the excitement continues until the official activities end in August… That’s some serious culture, fete and fun!


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Experience History. Experience Culture. Experience Fete. Experience Fun.

Experience Nevis! It is definitely the place to be for Culturama!


Hello June!

ATTENTION: TIME FOR A POP QUIZ. Can anyone tell me what the month of June represents? Bitter bedridden people with allergies may say it’s the month pollen still insists on staying around. Students may say June represents the month they can finally unplug their alarm clocks, while parents claim it to be the month where they reinstall tracking devices into their teenagers’ phone. Sounds like reasonable answers, right? *Buzzer* WRONG. If these are your answers then, sorry (not sorry) you’re highly mistaken. In our federation, June represents us. It is OUR MONTH! Yes, you heard us right! June belongs to St. Kitts and Nevis!  We have taken full custody and we’re not letting go any time soon.


St. Kitts and Nevis is widely known for our Music Festival in June. However, some of you may be surprised to hear that it’s also the month for CPL T20, Nationals, Endless partying (and we really do mean endless), nonstop excitement and so much more!


Alright, alright. Simmer down now. Exciting as it might be, June is so much more than a month of events to us.


June goes beyond the list of activities available. June is THE MONTH to experience St. Kitts and Nevis. It’s as simple as that! It’s the month when nationals return home and we’re all one big happy family again. I mean, really… It’s no wonder why college students are so anxious to come back home and bring their buddies from abroad with them, just so they could witness and feel what our beautiful twin islands have to offer for themselves. June represents our people and the energy we have. It represents love, laughter, joy, and excitement. That in itself is what makes our activities in June such a big hit. Our lively spirit is the real experience, all the events are just a plus!



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