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Why Celebrities Love Nevis!

Where is Nevis? That is the most popular question asked by many. Although it is not quite “on the radar” it is a place where the rich and famous seem to enjoy visiting. Nevis is lush and beautiful; here we provide you with guaranteed privacy and the time of your life. It is also where you would meet the nicest set of people; from the servers at your dinner table to the carefree locals walking the streets of Charlestown.

Beach and Beach Bars

Nevis has a variety of beaches to choose from, a few secluded and isolated while others are friendly and common. There are endless curves and stretches of soft sand, warm ocean breeze and inviting waters. This explains why the late Princess Diana on her trips here was always spotted on a beach! The coastline is scattered with bars where you are able to enjoy refreshing drinks and or indulge in some Nevisian cuisine, right after dipping into the Caribbean sea. Pinney’s Beach is extremely popular as each celebrity make it a point of duty to stop by Sunshine’s for the world’s most famous killer bee and to also take a picture with him.

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Hard to Reach

Another reason why Nevis is preferred is because of the ease of access or the lack there of. Nevis is not a very easy place to reach as there are no straight flights from the US, UK or other developed countries to the island. Flights are usually connected through Antigua or Puerto Rico which may prove to be a little more expensive than visiting more popular tourist destinations. You may also travel to the sister isle St. Kitts and take a ferry over. For those with a private jet however, they will be able to land at the Vance W. Amory International Airport in no time and proceed straight to their villa or hotel. If you can’t already tell, the airport is nearly never crowded so celebrities will be able to slip in and out without virtually anybody knowing.

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Privacy and Seclusion

It’s the ultimate get a way for privacy, sun, sand and sea. There’s no harassment, no paparazzi and nobody being nosey. The rich and famous may comfortably walk through Charlestown with maybe just a few stares at most but that is all it will be.

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Real Island Life

Nevis is not commercialized, it reminds us and others of what Caribbean lifestyle once was. The infrastructure of our town has remained pretty much the same. Old buildings are refurbished and most of our homes are still built with the Caribbean charm that people form near and far have grown to love. Can one say we live where you vacation, island life at its best? It’s break from the hustle and bustle, a taste of sweet culture, delicious Caribbean cuisine and a place where everybody will know your name.

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Nevis is one of the most unspoilt and relaxing islands in the Caribbean. It offers a pace of life that encourages celebrities to stop and appreciate all the natural beauty there is to see. It’s a very special place famed for its charm and the easy-going genuineness of its people. The sports we play, the music we listen, our way of life, the way we speak, even our food is unique. The Nevisian culture is one of a kind, and reflects and easy going lifestyle.

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When thinking of seclusion Nevis tops the list. Nevis has something for everyone, privileges within an easy reach this land was made for you and me.




Hello June!

ATTENTION: TIME FOR A POP QUIZ. Can anyone tell me what the month of June represents? Bitter bedridden people with allergies may say it’s the month pollen still insists on staying around. Students may say June represents the month they can finally unplug their alarm clocks, while parents claim it to be the month where they reinstall tracking devices into their teenagers’ phone. Sounds like reasonable answers, right? *Buzzer* WRONG. If these are your answers then, sorry (not sorry) you’re highly mistaken. In our federation, June represents us. It is OUR MONTH! Yes, you heard us right! June belongs to St. Kitts and Nevis!  We have taken full custody and we’re not letting go any time soon.


St. Kitts and Nevis is widely known for our Music Festival in June. However, some of you may be surprised to hear that it’s also the month for CPL T20, Nationals, Endless partying (and we really do mean endless), nonstop excitement and so much more!


Alright, alright. Simmer down now. Exciting as it might be, June is so much more than a month of events to us.


June goes beyond the list of activities available. June is THE MONTH to experience St. Kitts and Nevis. It’s as simple as that! It’s the month when nationals return home and we’re all one big happy family again. I mean, really… It’s no wonder why college students are so anxious to come back home and bring their buddies from abroad with them, just so they could witness and feel what our beautiful twin islands have to offer for themselves. June represents our people and the energy we have. It represents love, laughter, joy, and excitement. That in itself is what makes our activities in June such a big hit. Our lively spirit is the real experience, all the events are just a plus!



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