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Nevis Agriculture Fair 2016

The Nevis Agriculture Fair is an annual event that is held just before Easter. It showcases local produce, which include agriculture, arts, craft, food, manufactured items, drinks etc. See below for highlights of the fair. To see  full album, please click here.

Vervet Monkey

Local Art

Locally Manufactured Goods

Locally Made Sandals



Ram Goat

Top Ten (10) Things to Do on the Island of St. Kitts


Excitement, adventure, flora, fauna and a whole lot of fun, St. Kitts is the island to experience each one. Whether it be sun, sand or sea we have activities to keep you busy in the small island Sugar city. There’s so much to do, but see below our top 10 things to do on the island.



St. Kitts is the opposite of Nevis, there is always a lime and always something going on. The strip at Frigate Bay is a popular spot for hanging out as bars are open every night of the week! Right across the island local bars are worth checking out as well; it’s a sure way to make some local friends. Sky Ultra Lounge is the newest hip spot to be in St. Kitts, you simply cannot leaving the island before partying here.


Photo credit:

The Strip- Frigate Bay Photo credit:

Sky Ultra Lounge

Sights and Landmarks

St. Kitts is full of History, the capital itself was once a slave market. Tour Brimstone Hill, Bloody Point, The Black Rocks, Caribelle Batik factory, the beautiful architecture of our churches, ruins and many more places of significance to this rich historic island.

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Water sports Activities

We should all indulge in a little fun in the sun every once in a while. There are quite a variety of water activities offered randomly at the beaches or from actual water sports companies like Blue Water Safari’s. There is kite boarding, jet ski snorkel adventure, hover boarding, glass bottom kayaking, wake boarding, catamaran sails, and surfing to list a few.

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Photo credit:


Zip Line/ATV Tours

Scream at the top of your lungs with the zip lining through the rain forest. This tour carries u high above the rain forest offering a panoramic view of the vegetation, neighbouring islands and historic sites as you fly across the sky. The ATV tours is just as exciting; it is a thrilling experience where you will be able to see sections of the island that most tourists may not get a  chance to see. The tour will take you deep into the rain forest, ensuring you get a chance to see beautiful ruins along the way. We won’t have to expound on how adventurous the ride itself is, we will leave you to figure that one out! You can definitely experience some of nature’s best kept secrets while exploring St Kitts on this Quad bike tour.

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Scenic Railway Tour

The St. Kitts Scenic Railway takes passengers on a 3-hour tour that makes a 30-mile circle around the beautiful Eastern Caribbean island of St. Kitts. Eighteen (18) miles are covered by a narrow gauge train and the remaining twelve (12) miles on sightseeing buses. The railway was built between 1912 and 1926 to transport sugar cane from the island’s sugar plantations to the sugar factory in the capital city of Basseterre, today it is the “Last Railway in the West Indies” and provides visitors an unsurpassed opportunity to experience the scenery and culture of this unspoiled country.

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Reggae Beach Bar and Grill

This beach bar was awarded one of the top 45 beach bars in the world. Go there to experience the amazing food, the ambiance and make some little friends (monkeys) who will occasionally sneak up for a drink or two.

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St. Kitts is very unique as it is the only Caribbean island that combines its Christmas season with carnival festivities. We recently celebrated the 44 year of Sugar mas; people came from near and far to revel like never before for Sugar Mass 44. We cannot forget the yearly Music Festival which takes place in June; international and local artists come here to showcase their talent. It is truly an experience like no other.

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St. Kitts has a variety shops for souvenirs, clothing, apparel or just window shopping.  Ensure you check out the shops at Port Zante where you’ll be able to buy duty free. For local fruits, vegetables or craft, you may visit the public market or from vendors on the side of the road.

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Visit the National Museum and be educated by what once was; see the artefacts and memorabilia of Sugar city.

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Casinos & Gambling

How lucky are you? Test your luck at one of our casinos.

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A whirlwind of experience, a glimpse of paradise, (Nicha B voice) we can’t wait to have you here.

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SKN Christmas (Black) Cake featuring Mrs. Maurisha Walters

What’s Christmas without Christmas Cake? Just Christmas?  Well how about a St. Kitts and Nevis Christmas without Black Cake? Definitely a not Christmas at all!

We searched long and hard for a local who would be willing and eager to share probably his/her most treasured secret; The Black Cake Recipe.

Meet our very own local “Cake Boss”, Mrs. Maurisha Walters.  She is a Library Technician 3 at Gingerland Public Library in Nevis, but has a passion for baking and does so in her spare time. Risha welcomed me into her home and gave me a brief interview while allowing me to watch her work her Christmas cake magic.

Interviewer: Who taught you to bake? Did you go to culinary school?

Risha: My mother taught me to bake; as children we had no choice but to help in the kitchen. I was baking from the tender age of eight (8) years. She taught us to bake and she taught us to cook. If you came a little earlier you would have met her, she’s always here. (laughter)

Interviewer: Do you teach your children now to bake?

Risha: Yes I do. My eldest baked a plain cake for me once. I instructed him and he did a very good job.

Interviewer: Tell me about the awards you won.

Risha: I won trophies in the Nevis Agriculture Fruit Festival (2013) for two categories after entering for the first time. I won the light fruit category with a coconut custard cake as well as the heavy fruit category with a black cake. The black cake was decorated with the Flag of Nevis. All the fruit were made from scratch by my mother. She used wax apples for raisins, the skin of the water melon to make mixed peel, green paw paw in the place of cherries and star apples as part of the mixed fruit.Instasize_1225114022-1

Interviewer: So you are a cake boss then! That is a great achievement.

Risha: Oh no, no cake boss. (smiles shyly)

Maurisha washing the dishes after the interview, "This is the hardest part of baking"

Maurisha washing the dishes after the interview,
“This is the hardest part of baking!”

Mrs. Walters is pretty humble with her accomplishments, but she is a Cake Boss in our books! See below for her special Christmas Cake recipe. She advises though that the key to having the best tasting black cake is love in your heart. So…lets start with love being the very first ingredient.


Ingredients (1lb black cake)

  • 1lb butter
  • 1 cup sugar
  • 6 eggs
  • 1lb flour
  • 6tsp baking powder
  • 1/4 cup gravy browning
  • 3lbs raisins (pre soaked in wine)
  • 1/2 lb mix peels
  • 1/2 lb cherries
  • 5tsp vanilla essence
  • wine


Step 1: Cream Butter and Sugar

Step 2: Add browning and essence to mixtureDSCN0301


Step 3: Mix the dry ingredients then add periodically to the mixtureDSCN0310

Step 4: Chop some of the fruits and leave some as a whole. Add to cake and mix well.DSCN0289

Step 5: Add wine until desired texture is achievedDSCN0302

Step 6: Mix WellDSCN0322

Step 7: Grease and flour pans then pour mixture into panDSCN0324

Step 8: Place in oven heated to 350 degrees fahrenheit. Alternate to 250 degrees fahrenheit periodically.

Step 9: Bake for  45 mins to an hour. Pour wine over cake while still hot. Leave in pan until cooled before removing.




Maurisha is also gifted in making and decorating birthday cakes. Give her a call when you are ready for that fabulous birthday cake! Cakes

She may be contacted via email at or check her out on Facebook, “Risha Sutton Walters”.


This is your chance to win 2 Inception Fete Tickets!


The Sugar Mas 44 Video Jingle contest is being held by Experience St Kitts and Nevis in Collaboration with the St. Kitts and Nevis National Carnival, (Sugar Mass 44). It will run for just over two weeks beginning December 4th, 2015 to December 20th, 2015 at 4:00 pm. The winner will be announced on the December 21st, 2015.
How to Enter
1. Entrants should first like the Facebook pages of Experience St Kitts and Nevis and The St. Kitts and Nevis National Carnival.
2. Follow the Twitter and Instagram accounts for Experience SKN and St. Kitts and Nevis Carnival.
3. Send a 30 second video performing his/her jingle using the “buzz phrases” via Facebook Message to Experience St Kitts and Nevis FB Page.
• The video will be screened to ensure adherence to the criteria and then posted to the Experience St Kitts and Nevis FB Page.
4. Entrants will be notified of advancement and the video will then be shared by ESKN on the Experience SKN page.
5. Each participant will be required to share the video with his/her friends and obtain as many likes as possible.
6. The person with the highest number of FB likes will be named the winner of the competition. The 1st and 2nd runners up will be will be awarded as well.
NB: Entrants are limited to two entries per FB account. Each video/jingle should have one participant only. The participant is allowed to use no more than three musical instruments accompanying the jingle.
Video Jingle Criteria
1. Video jingle should be no longer than 30 seconds.
2. The jingle should contain the buzz phrases (“revel like never before for sugar mass 44” and “Experience St. Kitts and Nevis”).
3. There is no limit to using only the buzz phrases within the jingle.
4. The jingle should be original work of participants.
5. Lyrics may be accompanied by no more than 3 musical instruments.
6. Lyrics should not include profanity, violence, discrimination in any form, (whether it be racial, religious or otherwise), threats, sexual explicitness or material belonging to another party or is protected by intellectual property laws.
1. The contest is open to adults 18 years or older and should be residents or citizens of St. Kitts and Nevis.
NB: The following are not eligible to enter the contest: Employees of Experience St. Kitts and Nevis, employees or members of the St. Kitts and Nevis Carnival Committee board.
1. 1st prize will be awarded to the participant who gained the most likes for his/her video. He/she will be awarded 2 VIP tickets to Inception Fete, which is scheduled to be held on December 31st, 2015.
2. The first runner up will be the participant who received the second highest number of fb likes for his/her jingle. He/she will receive 2 tickets to the National Queen Pageant which is scheduled to be held on December 27th, 2015.
3. The second runner up will be awarded to the entrant with the third highest FB likes for his/her video. He/she will receive two tickets to the Senior Calypso Monarch schedule to be held on the December 28th, 2015.
NB: Prizes are not transferable to any other form and must be accepted as described.
Winner Selection
1. Video jingles will be screened by the Experience St. Kitts and Nevis team to ensure all contest criteria are met.
2. The video is then shared on the Experience St Kitts and Nevis Page and the contestant is then responsible for sharing and gaining likes.
3. The deadline for submission is December 20th, 2015 at 4:00 pm.
4. On the 20th to 21st of December, the videos will be reviewed and the three videos with the highest number of likes will be chosen for the first, second and third place accordingly.
5. The winners for the three top places will be announced via FB, as well as winners will be individually contacted via telephone and FB messenger.
6. Winners will also be announced in a small ceremony.
NB. Should a participant submit his/her video at 3:45 pm on December 20th, 2015, that entrant will be subjected to the same conditions as the other participants who were entered into the competition from its inception. Entrants will not be allotted extra time for promotion if submission is close to the deadline.
General Conditions
1. By entering this competition entrants are in agreement with and will comply with the contest rules.
2. All entries are subject to an initial screening process. If video is found to be in breach of the contest rules, that video will not be entered into the competition.
3. The contest organizers will not be held liable for lost, misdirect or loss of entries due to problems sending videos via FB message, malfunction, deleted by FB, or defective videos submitted to the competition.
4. The winner should only be one participant, as more than one participants are not allowed to enter in one single video jingle.
1. Entrants will be immediately disqualified if found in breach of any contest rules.
2. Videos longer than 30 seconds will not be submitted into the contest.
3. Videos where lyrics/jingle were found not to be original will result in contestant being disqualified immediately.
 3. If a contestant submits a video but has not liked the required social media pages of Experience St Kitts and Nevis, as well as the social media pages for the St. Kitts and Nevis National Carnival, that entrant will be disqualified.


Our Top Five Dishes from St. Kitts and Nevis

Here are our top five (5) dishes to try when visiting the Federation of St. Kitts and Nevis. Cook up, Black pudding, Salt fish and Dumplings, Conch Water and Goat water. These dishes would whip your taste buds into a frenzy.

This is a one pot dish with a combination of chicken, pigtail, salt fish and vegetables, with rice and pigeon peas. Many prefer it with a bit of wetness as it gets off the stove and down to belly. The flavor from the chicken and pigtail settled between the rice and peas blows one’s mind with a tang of flavors. Down to the bone can be eaten and the platter licked clean.

Cook up Photo Credit:

Cook up/Photo Credit:

Black Pudding

It’s not actually pudding but a sausage packed with herbs, thyme, peppers and rice. The intestines of pigs or cows after being thoroughly cleaned are then stuffed with the mixture, tied off at both ends with banana flagging (the leaves from banana trees). As the saying goes “the proof of the pudding is in the eating”, if you want to take you taste buds on an exotic experience this is certainly a treat for you.

Black pudding Photo Credit:

Black pudding/Photo Credit:

Salt fish and Dumplings
The national dish of Saint Kitts and Nevis is stewed salt fish with spicy plantains, coconut dumplings and seasoned breadfruit. Are you familiar with the feeling you get when you’ve been waiting patiently at a restaurant for your food? Well that’s how salt fish and dumpling prepared in SKN makes me feel.

Salt fish and Dumplings Photo credit:

Salt fish and Dumplings/Photo credit:

Goat Water
This once was the national dish of Saint Kitts and Nevis. Swimming in its brown depths you’ll find lumps of practically any edible part of a goat. The soup contains cloves, thyme, other assorted herbs and spices, small dumplings, yams, breadfruit and potatoes. It’s basically meat and drink to me. A belly full of provisions and mutton with thirst quenching seasoned water to follow. This popular Saturday dish is best served hot, straight from the pot.

Goat water photo credit:

Goat water/photo credit:

Conch Water
This is another version of goat water, but as we captioned above, the main ingredient is conch and not goat! It’s a soup locals enjoy mostly for a mid-day snack or in the afternoon. It is nourished with vegetables such as carrots, breadfruits, thyme and the special ingredient conch. I assure you that after your first drink, you’ll be begging for more!

Conch Water photo credit:

Conch Water
photo credit:

Sugar Cakes
Although not a dish, we couldn’t possible leave this out of the list! This very sweet treat consist of sugar, coconut and ginger. Sugar cake comes in variety of colors such as brown, pink or even white depending on the flavor and food dye used in the mixture. It can be compared to rock hard candy; hard on the outside but soft and chewy on the inside. You simply cannot leave the Federation without trying this.

Sugar Cake photo credit:

Sugar Cake/photo credit:

Get your taste buds ready to Experience the dishes/treats we Kittitians and Nevisians consider Delicacies!

Experience Our Food!
Experience Our Heritage!
Experience Our Culture!

Let’s Talk about Oxtail and Things – Nevis W.I.

As a foreigner in Nevis, you will quickly realize that you have left the commercial life behind and have entered a whole new world of relaxation and tranquility. So, fast forward and you are now off the ferry, your belly begins to turn… you are definitely hungry. Where do you go? How about trying some good ole local food?!

Local restaurants are nestled all across the island but in today’s post we are travelling to Bath Village just on the outskirts of Charlestown. We’re headed to Black Hat’s Restaurant. As you get closer to the establishment you will realize that the structure is one with character. The design is unique and gives a rustic traditional feel. Its very homely and very inviting boasting colours such as pink, blue and orange.


Black Hat's Place, Nevis W.I.

Black Hat’s Place, Nevis W.I.


We were a party of three seeking authentic Nevisian food on our lunch breaks. We were met with pleasant faces and hearty good afternoons as we approached the menu to make our orders. Black Hat came to the window asking to assist us. We ordered and got seated and waited patiently on the meal. It arrived and I immediately dug in!

The oxtail was accompanied by scalloped potatoes, steamed rice, coleslaw and the tastiest salad I have had in a while. It would seem as though Mr. Black Hat read my mind and prepared each component with extra…just the way I liked it! Imagine my excitement when I was met with slices of apples in between my lettuce and a few raisins in between the mix! I thoroughly enjoyed my lunch! Everything was cooked to perfection, and lacked nothing!

Black Hat’s Place also provides a wide variety of dishes so don’t worry about being left out if you are not an oxtail lover.

As you have landed, ask to go by Black Hat for some local cuisine.  Experience the Culture, Experience the Food!


Oxtail and Things from Black Hat’s Restaurant




Happening In September


September is quickly slipping away and before we know it we are in October. Guess it is as the saying goes, when you are busy time sure flies. You could say we are quite busy with all the activities surrounding this month as it’s our Birthdayyy!!! Well it feels like it’s a birthday as we are all excited about Independence. Yes! September is the month of our Independence, Saturday 19th to be exact. A milestone in our walk to prosperity some may say or even a nation bound for greatness. Whatever your take on it, I am sure as a nation we are all happy to be free of outside directives. Independence is a time when we reflect on our past, the journey to our present and the predications for the future. This year’s theme “United In Building a stronger Nation” can remind even the youngest resident of just how far the nation has come over the past 30 years and instil that drive to continue building and advancing the nation. Okay!! Sorry I have been holding back my excitement, people St. Kitts sweeeet and Nevis niceee. We nation moving on and like we ole people use to say “me luw me land”. Look at how the national colours are creatively used to decorate everything. I mean inside the stores, on the buildings, on the people, in our hairs, on our nails. I am talking about the colours of our flag: the green – for our rich fertile soil, the yellow – for our year round sunshine, the black – for our African heritage, the white stars – symbols of hope and liberty and the red – for our struggle from slavery through colonialism to independence. Talk about national pride with our motto “Country Above Self” we stand as many hands forming one nation our beautiful St. Kitts and Nevis.

SKN Flag _wave SKN_Gov_HQ decor (2)

St. Kitts and Nevis, pioneering the way forward for Caribbean nations. I personally want to say Happy Independence 32 to St. Kitts and Nevis you are a nation among nations. St. Kitts I love you, love you all the time. Me nah know bout you but me love St. Kitts and Nevis bad.

Happy Independence 32!! Independence32 (2)

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