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Happening In September


September is quickly slipping away and before we know it we are in October. Guess it is as the saying goes, when you are busy time sure flies. You could say we are quite busy with all the activities surrounding this month as it’s our Birthdayyy!!! Well it feels like it’s a birthday as we are all excited about Independence. Yes! September is the month of our Independence, Saturday 19th to be exact. A milestone in our walk to prosperity some may say or even a nation bound for greatness. Whatever your take on it, I am sure as a nation we are all happy to be free of outside directives. Independence is a time when we reflect on our past, the journey to our present and the predications for the future. This year’s theme “United In Building a stronger Nation” can remind even the youngest resident of just how far the nation has come over the past 30 years and instil that drive to continue building and advancing the nation. Okay!! Sorry I have been holding back my excitement, people St. Kitts sweeeet and Nevis niceee. We nation moving on and like we ole people use to say “me luw me land”. Look at how the national colours are creatively used to decorate everything. I mean inside the stores, on the buildings, on the people, in our hairs, on our nails. I am talking about the colours of our flag: the green – for our rich fertile soil, the yellow – for our year round sunshine, the black – for our African heritage, the white stars – symbols of hope and liberty and the red – for our struggle from slavery through colonialism to independence. Talk about national pride with our motto “Country Above Self” we stand as many hands forming one nation our beautiful St. Kitts and Nevis.

SKN Flag _wave SKN_Gov_HQ decor (2)

St. Kitts and Nevis, pioneering the way forward for Caribbean nations. I personally want to say Happy Independence 32 to St. Kitts and Nevis you are a nation among nations. St. Kitts I love you, love you all the time. Me nah know bout you but me love St. Kitts and Nevis bad.

Happy Independence 32!! Independence32 (2)

Hello June!

ATTENTION: TIME FOR A POP QUIZ. Can anyone tell me what the month of June represents? Bitter bedridden people with allergies may say it’s the month pollen still insists on staying around. Students may say June represents the month they can finally unplug their alarm clocks, while parents claim it to be the month where they reinstall tracking devices into their teenagers’ phone. Sounds like reasonable answers, right? *Buzzer* WRONG. If these are your answers then, sorry (not sorry) you’re highly mistaken. In our federation, June represents us. It is OUR MONTH! Yes, you heard us right! June belongs to St. Kitts and Nevis!  We have taken full custody and we’re not letting go any time soon.


St. Kitts and Nevis is widely known for our Music Festival in June. However, some of you may be surprised to hear that it’s also the month for CPL T20, Nationals, Endless partying (and we really do mean endless), nonstop excitement and so much more!


Alright, alright. Simmer down now. Exciting as it might be, June is so much more than a month of events to us.


June goes beyond the list of activities available. June is THE MONTH to experience St. Kitts and Nevis. It’s as simple as that! It’s the month when nationals return home and we’re all one big happy family again. I mean, really… It’s no wonder why college students are so anxious to come back home and bring their buddies from abroad with them, just so they could witness and feel what our beautiful twin islands have to offer for themselves. June represents our people and the energy we have. It represents love, laughter, joy, and excitement. That in itself is what makes our activities in June such a big hit. Our lively spirit is the real experience, all the events are just a plus!



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