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The Top Ten (10) Things to do on The Island of Nevis

Nevis boasts white sandy beaches, clean fresh air, sunny skies and friendly people. Life here is pretty laid back; there are no traffic lights, little commercialization and no one is a stranger after a few hours. Due to this special kind of life style, it is a hub for celebrities who fly in and out without virtually any one knowing. Don’t be fooled however that this laid back culture equals a boring island, there are tons of activities to engage your body, rich history to mediate the mind and beautiful beaches to captivate your soul. Here we list our top 10 things to do when you come to the island!


A Rum Punch from one of the Beach Bar’s on Pinney’s Beach

Have a sting from the killer bee offered at Sunshine’s, reputed to be the best rum punch on the island. The drink is known worldwide and celebrities and tourists alike travel from far and wide to sample this extraordinary drink. Swing by Lime Beach Bar for a Green Flash Rum Punch or topple over with a tipsy turtle from Turtle time. Ensure to check out DD stinger from Double Deuce and top if off with one of their juicy burgers.

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Visit the Caribbean’s First Hotel (Bath Hotel) and the Hot Springs

Bath Hotel was the built in 1778; it was a playground for the rich and famous who came to Nevis to take in therapeutic hot spring baths. If you have back pain, arthritis or even just a swollen ankle the hot springs is the place for you. One dip and you will be left feeling brand new. The Bath Hotel is now the government headquarters of the Nevis island Administration.

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The Horatio Nelson Museum

This is a memoir of artifacts and memorabilia of the life and times of the British Naval Admiral Lord Horatio Nelson, who visited Nevis in the late 18th century.

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Visit the Botanical Gardens

Created by a Philadelphia couple Joseph and Martha Murphy, this is a garden to preserve flora from throughout the world. The garden is filled with sculptures, fountains, roses, vines, cactuses, fruit trees and orchids. The most outstanding part is the tropical rain forest conservatory, built to emulate the conservatory at Kew Gardens in England. It houses tropical plants and huge Mayan-type sculptures. Weddings, receptionist and private parties are hosted at the gardens as well.


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Have Dinner in the mill at Montpelier

The Mill at the Montpelier Planation Inn is 300 years old and was converted into the only restaurant of its kind in the world. For a dining experience like no other, enjoy an intimate candle lit dinner for two, or a private party as the mill seats 24.

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Visit the Museum of Nevis History

This is the birthplace of Alexander Hamilton in 1757, he lived on the island until the age of nine. Today the building is known as the “Hamilton House” it houses one of the islands’ two museums on the first floor and the meeting room of the Nevis National Assembly on the second floor.

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Hike Nevis Peak/Water Falls

Take a hike with a personal tour guide to the Nevis Peak. On the trail you will meet six waterfalls, bamboo trees, coco trees, herbs, refreshing cool water and a whole heap of mud and fun. Not only is hiking a great way to keep in shape but it’s good for bonding and sharing stories along the way. Once to the top you will be able to see spectacular views of St. Kitts. If you are lucky you may see a tiny fella (monkey) on the tour as well

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A Round of Golf at Four Seasons

Not only is it a delight playing a round of golf at the Robert Trent Jones II designed course at Four Season Nevis, you are often joined by green velvet monkeys and they seldom recommend the right club for you shot.

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Water Sports

Let’s stop for a minute and imagine the warm tropical breeze gently touching our skin. The crystal blue water knocking the shores and the palm trees blowing in the wind, isn’t this paradise? No lanes no limits just a thrilling experience of its own.

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Horseback Riding

Enjoy the sunset with family and friends, or a romantic trail with your significant other.


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A little bit of history, a surety of luxury we are ready to take you there. Nevis Lovely Nevis, you’re never sad when you come by here.

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ICYMI: The St.Kitts-Nevis Patriots are in the House!!

In case you missed it, the St. Kitts-Nevis cricket team is here!

The St. Kitts- Nevis Patriots! WHOO! *Releases confetti. Crowd goes ballistic*



As we all know, our beloved Jacques Taylor representing St. Kitts (Left) and Tonito Willett representing Nevis (Right) are no strangers to us…









Now, we finally have the chance to welcome our international players!!


Evin_Lewis2.jpg1 James_Guptil1,  shane d just

Evin Lewis                 Martin Guptil          Shane Dowrich       Justin Athanaze

(Trinidad &Tobago)     (New Zealand)       (Barbados)             (Antigua)

devon thomas  raymond reifer    Orlando_Peters  Sohail_Tanvir

Devon Thomas              Raymon Reifer           Orlando Peters            Sohail Tanvir

(Antigua)                         (Barbados)                 (Antigua)                      (Pakistan)


Sheldon-Cottrell   carlos brathwaite

Sheldon Cotterrell           Carlos Brathwaite

(Jamaica)                            (Barbados)


Even though all our players are mega icons, there’s been a big buzz around these gents:

Marlon Samuels


This name rings a bell doesn’t it? Well, of course it does! Samuels is well known, especially in the West Indies, and he has a right to be. He’s been on his grind since 2000 (this will make 15 years) and continues to make notable comebacks in regards to the sport. There’s undoubtedly a lot of determination and skill in this Jamaican athlete… so much that he is now THE CAPTIAN of the SKN Patriots! Way to go, Samuels!!


Tabraiz Shamsi


This sweet South African may only be 25, but he packs a big punch…or a big bowl I should say. This right-hander is well known for his impressive slow left-arm chinaman bowling. It’s also worth mentioning that Shamsi has played first class cricket on a number of teams including the Dolphins, Gauteng Under-19s, the Lions and the Titans, all of which are in South Africa. Wowzers! I’d say that’s a pretty exceptional resume for such a young lad!


Shahid Afridi


Most know him as Afridi. Some may know him as the infamous ‘BOOM BOOM’ while there are those that may know him as LALA. Honestly, it doesn’t even matter what people refer to him as because this man needs no introduction in the world of cricket. Why?? Well, for one, he’s often referred as of one the greatest cricketers of all time! This Pakistani has numerous World Records, a few being: youngest player to score a century in ODI, longest six in history in ODI, most wickets in a single World Cup as captain in ODIs, most wickets in T20… *desperate gasp for air* This list really goes on and on and I would be here all day trying to list his accomplishments. Let’s just say, we know why his name is in everyone’s mouth.


It’s evident that experiencing CPL T20 in Warner Park Stadium is a must. With a team like this, the St. Kitts-Nevis Patriots are looking pretty darn good. I hope the other teams bring their fire blankets as well as a couple of fire extinguishers because team SKN is bringing the HEAT this year.


More pictures can be found on the SKNPatriots’ Instagram as well as on one of our talented local Kittitian photographer’s instagram.

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