What to Pack for my St Kitts and Nevis Trip

So, you’re planning to visit St. Kitts and Nevis. You’ve made your arrangements, booked your tickets and you are ready to pack your bags. You now have one problem…what exactly should you pack for your trip?

We wouldn’t want you to over pack or worst, pack blindly leaving the necessities….so below we have compiled a guide so that you are on the right track!travel-2-1415241
Travel Documents/Necessities

Your travel documents should be the first thing you pack when preparing to travel. This includes your passport, driver’s license etc. Before all of that though, you should ensure there is no need for a visa. See here to see If you will be needing one. Along with your credit cards keep a few US dollars with you, (It is widely and easily accepted without hassle) just in case your cards are not accepted or there is some unforeseen issue. Having cash on hand will suffice until the situation is rectified.



St. Kitts and Nevis are both warm countries all year round. It may get a little cool during the winter but no snow storms or blizzards…nothing to really scream about. Pack light breathable clothing that will keep you cool throughout your stay. These include, shorts, summer tops, cotton shirts, summer dresses, jeans etc. You may also want to take with you a pair of sneakers and clothes suitable for hiking. We’re sure u have no plans of flying all the way to St. Kitts and Nevis to stay huddled in the house, so lets have you adequately dressed for your adventures. Pack one or two formal outfits for maybe a party or dinner. Generally the attire for a formal restaurant is very laid back for men, no need for a tie or a jacket. For the ladies semi-formal is fine; as casual as she is comfortable.

Remember not to pack or wear camouflage clothing; wearing this is illegal in St. Kitts and Nevis.



For the Beach

This is pretty explanatory but we’ll explain in detail. Though St. Kitts and Nevis (especially Nevis) are popular for beach seclusion, it is not a practice to go nude on the beaches. For the beach on a daily basis, pack as many swim suits and swim trunks as you like. If you are a diver, bringing along your wetsuit is a good idea. Generally, you may be able to buy them locally at a dive or swim shop, though a little more expensive than what you have gotten them for at home.

Don’t forget to bring some sun screen so you can minimize your tan…you may want to consider throwing in a pair of sunglasses as well. If you venture off on your own you may find beaches without changing or bathroom facilities. In these cases you will need to walk with your own towels etc. Towels can be borrowed from the hotels (once allowed) you are staying, so no need to pack those.

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Phones are equipped with good cameras these days but if you are a photo enthusiast, don’t forget to walk with your camera. Travel with an extra SD Card and batteries or your charger. If you do need a charger you may or may not be lucky to find one locally, leave at your own risk. Still on the topic of chargers, remember to grab the ones for your phones. You should know that outlets in SKN are Type A and Grounded Type A. If your local one is anything else, you will need to purchase an adapter.

Bring your books, kindle, tablets, etc. SKN is a place to relax and unwind, imagine laying on the sand enjoying your favorite pastime. Just great!



Comfortable shoes is absolutely necessary. Flip flops for the beach and for walking around, cute sandals to pair with your outfits, sneakers for hiking and one formal pair for dinner or a party.




  • If you have prescriptions, it is a good idea to fill and stock up on enough to last you through your trip. While there are adequately stocked pharmacies on both St Kitts and Nevis, it may not have the exact type or brand that you require. So its better to be prepared. If you cannot avoid taking your prescription ensure to bring the contact information of your local doctor and a small note from him.
  • Although available locally, walk with a bug spray. You may need it before getting a chance to purchase from the shops.
  • Toiletries are usually provided by the hotel, but you may pack one or two if you are one who likes to be prepared no matter where they go.


Comment below, Tell us how we helped you to pack for your trip or what you are planning to pack that may not be apart of our list. Until next time….