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The Hot Springs in Nevis

Nevis known for quite a few commodities, however for centuries visitors and locals scurry to the Historic Bath Village for a dip in the infamous Hot Springs. The Bath volcanic hot spring still has a good flow rate all year round, commonly known as a therapeutic spring. Nearby is the site of Bath Hotel, the first luxury hotel in the West Indies built in 1778 for the rich and famous.

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Due to damages from recent hurricanes and other natural elements, the Spring House is closed. A restoration committee recently constructed an open outdoor pool for persons who seek to experience the therapeutic powers of the water. The pool constructed by the restoration committee maintains the water at the required temperature.

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Situated here are five thermal baths, the source of water springs from the base of the house. As far back as memory serves us this very spring water is said to contain minerals of medicinal value and cured people with chronic rheumatism and gout who stayed at the Bath Hotel. The water temperature at the Hot Springs span from 104F to 108F, which is the reason why the Spring House was used significantly by visitors and locals alike.

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Whether you are a local or a visitor, the hot spring still permits you to treat your various aches and pains by immersing your body (or feet or whatever) in the healing waters of the Bath Spring, a beneficial spa that is free of charge, once you’re not shy about bathing in an outside space…

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Rum Bottle Tree in Old Road St. Kitts

There are quite a few tourist attractions in Old Road St. Kitts, however, the one that drew our attention was the old tree with rum bottles hanging from it. Pondering what the history behind it was, we came to find out its significance is in no history book but just something people decided to do.

After drinking a bottle of rum the bottle was tied to a string and hang from the tree. This has been going on for years.  It is now a tourist destination. This my friends is somewhat a sight to see.

Tell us more do you know anything about this Rum Bottle Tree?


rum bottle tree

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Experience St. Kitts and Nevis App Features

Looking for a guide while on the island of St. Kitts and Nevis? Search no more as the ESKN mobile app is there for each of you. From where to eat, what to do, where to sleep, where to shop and even where to sleep, it’s all there. It’s the perfect tool for locals and foreigners alike and the best part, it is TOTALLY FREE!

What to do

Whether you want to relax on the beach, take in an historic site or get your adrenaline pumping, it’s all here for you. On your next stop to either islands be sure to download the app and experience our beaches, tours and activities we offer. St. Kitts and Nevis is full of activities suitable for any age!

How to get there- If for some reason you feel you may be lost; have no fear the app incorporated with google maps offers GPS features. You will be guided step by step between your destinations.

Share your experience- The app also has social media components, this means you can share your experiences within the app and post directly to your social media account (Twitter and Facebook). The app is a place to meet friends as one can interact with others within the app.

Step One

Down load the app via google play store or the app store. (Experience St. Kitts & Nevis)


Step Two

Open the app

open app

Step Three

Click what to do

what to do

Step Four

Select an option from what to do

what to do...

option what to do

Step Five

Select Direction

google maps

Step Six

Check in

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